Stories      My stories are fractured moments arising out of the uncanny.  They are a mystic union between glamor and cataclysm.  What is seen gives only a taunting nod to the secrets in shadow, reflection, the clandestine.
     Usually subtle, but often pronounced, these moments exist between bizarre pleasure and tragedy.  They are fascination culled from mystery, the menace of beauty, the lure and provocation of the obscure.

Idols      These idols have fallen and risen, their continued existence a testament to the adoration of the possessors.  They are not the idols of conventional tradition, but personal and profound religious relics.  Their worship has ensured decades of survival.  Fire, weather, tragedy and the cruelties of time and existence have left their marks, but still they stand, gaze fixed.
     Rescued from rotting homes, mob burn-outs and gifted by delirious old women, this is a continuing project, and a third cousin to a portfolio of my work published in DEAR DAVE No. 2.

About me      

“Shadow is mystery and light is clarity. Shadow conceals – light reveals.  To know what to reveal and what to conceal and in what degrees to do this is all there is to art.” – Josef von Sternberg

     I am a New York native with a passion for photography and film.  Though delighted by a range of artists and writers, I pride my work on being uniquely my own, with a singular aesthetic vision and distinct style.
     In 2004 I received a BFA from School of Visual arts in photography.  At that time I was the recipient of the Art + Commerce Award.
     Goliath books published a book of selections from my anonymous photography collection in 2003.
     I’ve functioned in many capacities in the photography field, including curatorial, studio work, printing, publishing and research.  Some highlights include: assistant to gallerist Bill Hunt and assistant to photographer Josef Astor.
     My work has appeared on book covers, in periodicals and galleries, including Visual Arts Gallery, CBGBs Gallery and Germ Gallery in Philadelphia.
     In addition to my personal projects, I am currently a photo editor in a New York archive.

     Please contact for full resume material, or other inquiries.

”There was a pause, while I fought against this other, lesser kind of death that was creeping over me – this death called strangeness, this snapping of all the customary little threads of cause and effect that are our moorings at other times…”  – Cornell Woolrich